Saturday, January 10, 2009

Under the Sea

January 11 - The Baptism of Our Lord. This Sunday in my sermon I used an image from the wonderful Disney animated classic "The Little Mermaid." I suggested the image of Ariel bursting through the surface of the water and taking in her first breath as a human as a metaphor for baptism. In our baptism we too are buried with Christ and then are brought through the waters, and as we burst through the baptismal waters we take a breath of the sweet air of God's grace. If you want to see this clip it is on YouTube and happens at the very end of Ursula's big number "Poor Unfortunate Soul." Ursula is the devil character and the entire scene is somewhat reminiscent of the Faust legend. Here is the URL for "Poor Unfortunate Soul" - Ursula is played by the legendary Pat Carroll: (you will need to copy and paste the url into your brouser).

While your at it you might want to check out two additional clips:
1. "Under the Sea" The brilliant Oscar winning song from the film:

2. "Under the Sea" The broadway version of the song. The actor/singer playing Sebastian is amazing!:

Lastly - The is a series on YouTube called "Father Matthew Presents..." Fr. Matthew Moritz is an Episcopal priest and does a great job. Check out his video on Baptism:

Enjoy and God bless....
Pr. Duncan

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