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Family Separation - A Personal Statement

I need to comment on the family separation policy that is currently playing out at our southern border. Despite a so-called presidential directive thousands of families have been broken apart and young children have been warehoused across the nation. This is simply intolerable and disgusting.   On this we should all agree and I find it stunning and simply amazing that there are those who continue to defend this practice.   This practice is indefensible.   This is not a democrat vs. republican, liberal vs. conservative issue.   We are talking about the welfare of thousands of children and the integrity of refugee families. There is no “agree to disagree” here. But yet the excuses and lame defenses continue. All of the ones I have seen have several things in common: they consisted of simplistic statements or were repetitions of out right lies and not only they were given in a self-righteous and sometimes hostile manner. One gets the sense that these apologists for crimes against hum