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Reflections from the Pastor

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations …   Matthew 28:20 I had planned to use this space for some reflections on the Eclipse and the beginning of the school year.   But the events of the last few weeks have been so disturbing that I feel that I cannot ignore them and must address them in some way.   The white supremacist/neonazi demonstrations in Charlottesville, VA seem to be a culmination of a wave that seems to be sweeping the country.   That these demonstrations resorted to violence and that at last count several innocent people were killed is both tragic and deplorable. It seems to me that this needs to be a wake up call for us all.   I don’t like to think of myself as racist.   But because of my upbringing and the experiences I have had in my life I know that there is inside of me a tendency to sometimes react in ways that are in fact racist.   In fact, we all struggle with this whether we are aware of it or not.   Anthropologists called it “ethno-centrism” and it is