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Death & Darkness – Easter 2017

Based on Matthew 28:1-10 It is still dark outside this morning.   Though as I look at the windows I can see just a hint of light and I know that it will not be long before the sun will rise in the sky and light will flood through these windows.   But inside we have our lights on and we are comfortable.   The candles we have lit are for symbolic use since they have no practical use anymore.   We do not need these candles to see!   I think that we take light for granted and that we really don’t take darkness seriously any more.   After all we are dependent and comfortable with our electricity, our lamps and industrial lighting and so forth.   The fact is that we can get up at any time of the night and turn on a lamp and essentially create day in order to do whatever we want at any time. But, can you imagine a world where that is not the case.   A world where there are no artificial electric lights and instead the world is lit only by fire?   This is the world of antiquity: of the