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Easter 2016 - Listen! God is Calling! - Luke 24/Acts 10

It had been a difficult few days and as a result the disciples had fled for their lives and Peter had had to lie and claim he didn’t know Jesus in order to save his skin.   But somehow they were able to find each other and so they huddled together afraid and uncertain.   Now what? What’s next?   What do we do now? All their hopes and dreams had been dashed.   Maybe they should just go back to their old lives.   But in fact, not all the disciples had come together in the safe house.   In Luke there are two distinct groups of Jesus’ followers – there are the disciples of Jesus, the students which is one large group of both men and women; and then there the apostles, the sent ones, the original12 (now 11) who had been Jesus’ inner core group and who had been chosen for a specific purpose – that is they are the ones sent to proclaim the Kingdom of God come into the world in Jesus, the Messiah.   But now that was all over.   It didn’t matter anymore.   So these 11 apostles are now fearfull