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A Chorus of Praise – Sermon for Easter 5C

Psalm 148    Laudate Dominum   (From the Book of Common Prayer) 1        Hallelujah! Praise the L ord from the heavens; *       praise him in the heights. 2        Praise him, all you angels of his; *       praise him, all his host. 3        Praise him, sun and moon; *       praise him, all you shining stars. 4        Praise him, heaven of heavens, *       and you waters above the heavens. 5        Let them praise the Name of the L ord ; *       for he commanded, and they were created. 6        He made them stand fast for ever and ever; *       he gave them a law which shall not pass away. 7        Praise the L ord from the earth, *       you sea‑monsters and all deeps; 8        Fire and hail, snow and fog, *       tempestuous wind, doing his will; 9        Mountains and all hills, *       fruit trees and all cedars; 10      Wild beasts and all cattle, *       creeping things and wingèd birds; 11      Kings of the earth