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My Sermon for Nov. 12/13 on the story of Zaccheaus - Luke 19:1-11

You should read all of Luke 18 and 19 up to 19:11            Have you ever noticed that Luke seems to be obsessed with tax collectors and sinners – They are all over the place:             Jesus eats with them constantly             Jesus calls a tax collector to be a disciple             He uses them as examples in parables – in fact just a few verses before this story of Zaccheaus in chapter 19 we have the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee – do you remember that?             2 men go up to the Temple to pray – one (a Pharisee) prays – “I thank you Lord that my life is great, that I am a very religious person and that I am not like any of those loosers, like, for example, that tax collector over there…   And then standing afar off a tax collector cannot even raise his head and he prays, “dear Lord, be merciful to me a sinner!”   And who do you think left the temple with their sins forgiven?   The tax collector and not the Pharisee!             And here we ha