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GO WASH YOUR HANDS - My sermon for Pentecost 13 - August 30, 2009 - my last Sunday at St. Matthew's - St. Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23

I can remember any number of instances during my childhood where my mother used those words: GO, WASH YOUR HANDS! You are familiar with a similar scene I am sure: the typical kids outside playing, in my case me and my two brothers; mom calls us to supper at which point we would all just rush into the kitchen and sit at the table waiting to be served. GO, WASH YOUR HANDS! we would hear my mother order and we would rush to the bathroom, wash our hands and return for dinner. Now, there was never a sub-plot to this series of actions – as far as I know. It was about hygiene, I am pretty sure. I don’t think there was an undercurrent of “Go wash your hands, or I won’t love you anymore.” In fact, I am pretty sure that what prompted the order was love – I love you, so, Go wash your hands – so you won’t get sick. Now, having come up with this clever little introduction I should tell you that this text from the Gospel of St. Mark is really not about hand-washing; it references hand-washing

Bishop Hanson and other responses

I have been very moved by the beautiful words of our presiding bishop - Mark Hanson. These words were spoken immediately after the vote was concluded on the final resolution. Here is the link: For those of you who may appreciate an overview - here is a list of the actions taken by the ELCA assembly last week: 1. The Social Statement on Human Sexuality was adopted by 2/3s of the assembly. 2. The church affirmed that in the future implementation of any changes and commitment adopted, it will make decisions so that all in this church bear the burdens of the other, and respect the bound consciences of all. 3. This resolution committed the church to finding ways “to allow congregations that choose to do so to recognize, support and hold publicly accountable, lifelong, monogamous, sam