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Is Jesus My Savior?

Some Pastoral Reflections – from Pastor Duncan: At the name of Jesus every knee should bow, Every tongue confess him King of Glory now…. Hymnal #435 In November the Diocese of Quincy voted to leave the Episcopal Church. In news articles about this decision it was reported that one speaker, speaking in favor of leaving, made the following statement to the assembly: We need to make a choice. Is Jesus Christ our Savior or not? This is a good question and one that has gotten me thinking over the last couple months. Is Jesus Christ our (my) Savior or not? I answer without hesitation in the affirmative. Yes! Jesus is Lord and Savior! OK – then….. What does that mean? This is not so easy and perhaps all of us should use the opportunity of the Feast of The Name of Jesus (January 1), the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6) and the weeks of Epiphany to ponder this question and what in means for us, our lives and our life of faith and commitment. Below is my response

Pastoral Blogging

The Job blog was so successful that I will continue to post things from time to time here in this space. Feel free to join the discussion.