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John Series #14 - Breakfast on the Beach – Do You Love Me/Feed My Sheep - John 21

We have come to the final story and the final sign that Jesus performs in the Gospel of John. This then is also the final installment in our sermon series on John.   And in this final chapter 21 John brings everything together for us and focuses us on the two most important and central themes in the Gospel.   And these are…         First – God loves the world! God loves the world and all that God has created more than we can even find words to describe; accordingly God loves you.   We see this love of God’s in the incarnation – the en-fleshing of God in Jesus - and in Jesus’ giving up himself in love at the end in the crucifixion.   And the subsequent resurrection proclaims and celebrates that it is love that will always win in the end.   Nothing is stronger than the power of God’s love. And as long as we remain attached to the Vine we are always connected to the source of God’s abundant love.          2 nd – This unconditional gift of love, this gift of grace upon grace, this l

John Series #13 – The Resurrection, “It is Finished / I Have Seen the Lord” – John 20:1-18

“It is finished!” These were Jesus’ last words on the cross before he died.   But what is finished?   This is the question that John leaves with us as we conclude the story of Jesus’ crucifixion.   It is finished – as Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus lovingly care for Jesus’ body, anointing it with spices and wrapping it in a linen shroud.   It is finished - as they then place Jesus’ body in the tomb and the stone is rolled into place.   It is finished!   It is over!   The end!   Now what? And it is not only those of us who are reading this story who are struggling with this question.   Obviously the disciples, the Judean authorities and even the Romans are pretty convinced that it is all over, it is finished, done!   Well, we took care of that “Jesus” problem!   But, not so fast… “And the Word became made flesh and dwelt among us…” – and tented among us, and moved into the neighborhood!   God became en-fleshed, incarnate in Jesus; God became fully and completely human in Jesus a