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"At Table" - A Sermon Preview for Ordinary 22C - Luke 14:1, 7-14

You can read the Gospel text for Ordinary 22C - St. Luke 14:1, 7-14 HERE! Many years ago I had the opportunity to travel to the Middle East and visit Israel, Jordan and Egypt. There were many wonders to see and some of you have seen a few of my photographs from that trip. While in Jordan we visited the ruins of the ancient city of Jerash (Gerasa in the New Testament). In the center of this city stood a large temple to Athena – the goddess of wisdom. In its day it must have been an amazing structure. It would have been a tall building, with columns and was probably gilded with plate gold. In front of the temple was a large courtyard. The only people who were allowed into the temple were a few priests, everyone else had to remain in the courtyard and hope that the goddess noticed them. The temple was holy ground. Normal, everyday, ordinary, mundane people were not permitted to step on holy ground. In the Gospel lesson for today Jesus is, again, at table at the home of a Phar

Unity & Diversity & The Tower of Babel – Genesis 11:1-9

I encourage you to read Genesis 11:1-9 along with your reading of this blog. Find the NRSV translation of this passage HERE We have come to the end of our summer series on the Pre-History in Genesis chapters 1 through 11.  During this time we have seen how in each of these stories the humans attempt to place themselves in God’s place bringing upon them the consequence of condemnation and punishment.  But we have also seen how in each of these stories God nevertheless acts with grace and love towards the humans He has created.  Adam and Eve are expelled from the Garden, but God goes with them and even fashions clothing for them; Cain is forced to wander to the edge of the earth, but God places a protective mark on his forehead and promises to go with him; God calls on Noah and his family to build an ark and collect animals and birds so that created life will continue after the flood, then God places a rainbow in the skies to remind God of the covenant of love He has e